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The purpose of writing these three books is educational. The hope is to make people aware of the flaws and disregard associated with the 19th century British Act that is still, to this day, Australia’s Primary Law. The latest book is the culmination of an ongoing project started in 1998 and it offers a foundation for a modern political and governmental system that is less corruptible by money and one that makes our elected representatives more accountable to the people.

This third book is the product of a great amount of research and acknowledgment of the political experience displayed by our politicians over the past century. The book presents a draft for a new and proper people’s Constitution for an independent Australia.  A draft that takes in the flaws and discrepancies in the British Act and suggests some practical alternatives that will benefit the Australian people.

Copies of these books are available in an eBook format or as a PDF version to anyone interested. Please contact the author at



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